Weekly Review #2: 01/07-13

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Thirteen days into the new year and I’m already getting cold feet about this blog? Part of me is like, yes! Keep writing, girl! I recall a time when my high school teachers complimented me on my writing (they probably complimented my peers too), and that motivates me to continue on. Yet there’s another part of me that’s lazy AF. But I will fight and fight and fight that lazy monster within me because I don’t really have anything else going on.

This past Sunday was spent figuring out the general itinerary for my upcoming trip to Malaysia with one of my dear good friends. It’s so much mental labor just planning and deciding what places to visit but alas, it is done! We know where we will sleep and we have an idea of what we want to do, which is eat, hike a mountain, visit a temple, eat, drink, go to the beach, and eat. I’m so excited for this trip as it’s been awhile since I’ve gone somewhere new and foreign. At the same time, my mind is playing all the bad things that could happen like my passport getting lost, a monsoon hitting the islands we’ll visit, or all my money get pickpocketed by a monkey. I really try not to think about these things though. I’m afraid that I might actually have superpowers that turn these bad thoughts into reality.

Work these days have been so slow. The children and most of the teachers are on vacation, and construction is being done to the front of the building. I’ve taken up shop with some of the staff workers in the school library where I “desk warm,” which essentially means that I don’t have any work to do but I’m still obligated to be there. It sounds terrible but it’s not that bad. I’m developing a new routine with this winter schedule.

When I get to work, I”ll usually fill up my cup with tea and sit at a table with one of the staff workers. We’ll engage in small talk, which is great because I can practice the little Korean that I know. After ten or fifteen minutes, she’ll get up and do actual work while I retreat to the circulation desk that I’ve marked as my territory for the time-being. I study some Korean, use the wonky wifi to browse the internet on my phone, and then lunch time will happen.

I kind of hate lunchtime because it feels a tad bit awkward. In Korean culture, it’s generally expected that you eat as a group. It’s not like when the clock strikes noon, I’m allowed to go microwave my food and then eat it at my desk. I have to wait for one of the staff workers to call upon me to join them for lunch. This isn’t the bad part. This has actually been a great time and opportunity to build repertoire with the staff and the vice principal. The thing is that I’m a fast eater and usually I’m already done eating while the rest of my coworkers are still chowing down on their meals. It would be rude if I just got up and left after waring, especially if I didn’t have anything urgent going on. I have to be dismissed but that never happens, so I just wait and wait and wait until everyone’s done, and then we clean up and go about the day.

The rest of the day is spent with me taking a quick fifteen minute nap at some point (I’ve mastered the art of looking awake while sleeping), reading, and again, checking up on social media.

Speaking of reading, I finally finished Shadow of Night by Deborah Harkness. Overall, it was a decent book and I found myself more enthralled with it in the second half. But I realized this is something that occurs in most of the literature I read. I really have to work through the first half of books and then by the time I get to the second half, I can’t put it down. That’s where a lot of the action and mindblown-ness happens.

Anyway, I’m now reading something a little more light-hearted which is Amy Poehler’s Yes Please. This is my second attempt at reading this. The first attempt was years ago when it first came out. I managed to get through the introduction but for some reason, I never continued reading. Nonetheless, I’m so excited to give this my full attention. I’ve read books by other female comedians (such as Tina Fey, Mindy Kaling, Amy Schumer), and a lot of these books read like conversations with a friend. In a way, this will help clear my mental palette for the next book I plan to read.

The weekend came early for me as I decided to take Friday off so that I can party til the sun comes up on Thursday night. I’ve never partied on a Thursday night before. I really love the nightlife in Korea, especially in Hongdae. But the thought that I’m too old for this crossed my mind while I stood in a smoky club surrounded by mostly college students. What a terror. I’m 28 years old (in Korean age) with nothing going on in my life. What the hell am I doing? At the same time, who gives a fuck, right? Nonetheless, I managed to dance with interesting people and flirt with a 30 year old (so yay, I’m not the oldest). More importantly, I had the best pizza ever at 4AM, got home safely at 7AM, and was not hungover at all despite having a slight tummy ache from the two cocktails and shots of Jameson that I had. No hangovers is a win for me.

Friday, as expected, consisted of me sleeping. A lot. At some point, I woke up to eat and then I slept more.

And at last, this Saturday came. It was semi-productive as I woke up, did my makeup, and ventured to Emart for some groceries. I video called my sister, which mostly consisted of her using the camera filters to make the ugliest of faces for laughs. And then while watching several episodes of The Office, I cleaned my fridge and my microwave. The fact that I have to move out in a little over month from now frightens me so because I have so much shit to get rid of.

This fridge, ya’ll! Mostly clean with healthy foods aside from those cookies and that Fanta.

Truth be told, I have so many things to worry about. But instead of fighting them head on, I’m throwing my worries into a waste bin in the back of my head, and I’ll go looking for them later, when those worries become more relevant. In the meantime, I have so much to look forward to this upcoming week. There will be lots of cleaning, planning, and productivity. Hopefully.

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