Re-re-launch and Weekly Review

A week into to 2018 and I’m still struggling AF. Anyway, Awkward Heroine has always been something I’ve put in the back burner of my head for the past couple years. And generally even though I bought the domain, attempted to make youtube channel out of it, and blog stuff, nothing has ever really come into fruition.

It’s probably because I lack motivation and I’m lazy to a fault. But alas, it is the New Year, which means that I can mentally “reset” and try to reach my goals again. Awkward Heroine is my story and a record of all the misadventures I have. Hopefully it’ll be something that people can relate to and find humorous. If not then…that’s kind of awkward. Oh yeah, it will get real awkward.

So here’s to me re-re-launching Awkward Heroine. May I get my adult life together and make my dreams come true. And to start it off is my week in review.

Weekly Review: 01/01-06

Currently I’ve been reading, Shadow of Night by Deborah Harkness. I listened to the first installment, A Discovery of Witches, two years ago. It took me awhile to refresh my memory on what happened in the first book but I remember the gist of it now! Do you know what goes great with witches and vampires? Time travel of course! Anyway, for some reason, some books are harder to get through. This doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a bad or boring book. Shadow of Night is actually really entertaining and I love the way the dialogue in the book is seamlessly written. But I guess I’m just not reading it as fast as I anticipated. Nonetheless, that’s not a bad thing–it’s a new challenge. I’m enjoying the book thoroughly and I’m totally hyped for the TV series based off of the series.

I’ve been listening to Korean rappers, DPR Live and Sik-K. I’m not too keen on rap in general, but I’ve been jamming to Sik-K’s “Get That Money” since it’s release and only took the time to really listen to his older works this past week. What. The. Hell. Apparently I’ve been sleeping on his music since the dawn of time and I regret it. His album, Have A Little Fun, was released in the first half of 2017 and it’s been on solid repeat for the past couple of days in my iTunes.

DPR Live, I have also been snoozing on. I knew that he was a rapper so I was familiar with his name but it also turns out I’m kind of familiar with his music, too? I feel like I hear Live’s songs all the time. For example, I’ll hear it at a cafe or a store or when my music is on shuffle. So when Youtube autoplay decided to put on “Jasmine,” I realized I knew the song but not the artist and had to look him up. Turns out he’s hella cute too. Haha.

Besides music, I’m also listening to podcasts and in search of one that I can listen to while working out. I’m a fan of podcasts with interesting narratives such as Family Ghosts but I’m also very fond of podcasts that make me feel like I’m at a slumber party. Hence, I look forward every week to listening to the I Don’t Get It Podcast and Thirst Aid Kit.

As for teaching in Korea, it was the last week of school for the kiddos. There had been a lot of non-teaching and more of the students cleaning and watching movies to pass time. It was a limbo kind of week where we know school should just be done already but we had to keep the kids here due to the academic calendar.

My lovely sixth graders have also graduated, and the real MVP here is the sixth grade homeroom teacher who had to deal with their craziness. The sixth graders were rowdy and at times, uncouth. I was intimidated the first time I met them but over the year, we all warmed up to each other. I particularly bonded a lot with the girls of the class mostly because that we love the same boy bands (yo, ARMY and Carats, where u at?). I won’t say that they’re the most studious of students but they are the cutest! They were really the best part of working, even when things got rough. My favorite thing was that despite struggling with using English, they wanted talk to me anyway. I got tearful after their ceremony and we said goodbyes to each other. I’ll probably run into them in the streets on the way to school but still… My sixth grade girls are the cutest and kindest. Their friendship with each other is heartwarming. They’re energetic and joyous and I hope they remain that way despite all the hardships that will come their way growing up.

Okay. I’m done crying now.

Saturday, I took an uneventful trip to Seoul to for two appointments. I went to see my dentist who pointed out to me that I probably have a habit of biting my lower lip, which I wasn’t not aware of. She tells me it’s affecting the position of my two front teeth and that I need to stop or else two years of brace-face would have been done in vain! (Okay, she didn’t say it like that but you get the gist.) Afterwards was an appointment at a skin clinic where I’ve been getting treatment for my acne scarring for the past year. It’s a painful journey that I’ll have to save for another blog post!

Overall, I’ve been trying to recalibrate my sleeping pattern that’s gone whack from the crazy New Years shenanigans last weekend. My body wants to nap at 8PM but that means waking up at 1AM and being exhausted the next day. Ugh. Being an adult is fun but also VERY TIRING and STRESSFUL. I also need to start preparing the actual itinerary for my trip to Malaysia in a couple of weeks. I’m so excited for beaches! Not excited for swimsuits though. Forreal. Finding a swimsuit that fits is a pain and also they’re expensive! But all in all, not a bad week.

The Obituary

Last week, I watched Serendipity. Okay, actually, I turned it on and fell asleep and then woke up to finish the last twenty minutes of it. Nonetheless, the film inspired me to write these “obituary” pieces, that highlight my most stressful moments of the week. Sometimes things happen and it feels like the world ended. Did I die? No. But sometimes it feels like I did.


Sarah, writing extraordinaire and avid podcaster wannabe, died early this morning in her sleep after over thinking about her brief make out session with a stranger at a bar two nights before. She was 26 years old and single AF. That was also her first real kiss. Ever. She was over-dramatic, an oversharer, and had a knack for laughing at the most inappropriate times. Her final days were spent with her friends where she had one too many tequila shots but at least she wasn’t hungover.


American teacher, Sarah, was found dead outside of her apartment in Osan, Korea. She died at approximately 8:17 AM after missing her bus to work and failing to hail a taxi. Her life was directly connected to her phone battery, which quickly died to 0% due to the cold weather. Sarah is survived by her family in America and her two imaginary dogs, Roscoe and Killjoy.

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